The Sleeping Dead

from by Aegeus

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Awakening the sleeping giant in our midst.
Life from death, when thrown into the lion’s den.
Evolution resolves the weak from the strong,
until our form is without flaw.

I never asked what I was wanting from myself.
Becoming obsessed with pending questions.
Time will swallow all my energy unless I use it well.

Layers of my existence, revealing each and every one.
The truth is so much closer than it’s ever been.

The world will tear you to shreds, nothing but ash & dust.
Watching as your vision fades to black. Fade to black.
Fade to…

The fear inside, when you close your eyes.
When you go to sleep, you’re never waking up.

Feed oblivion, through devastation until we’re dead & gone.
When we go to sleep, we’re never waking up.

I’ve been fighting through these circles my whole life.
Struggling, I’m left with no place to rest.
So determined to thrive, when we barely get by,
seeking answers that will fall out from the skies.

To keep a step ahead I venture out.
Driving closer to tangible goals.
Never claiming I’m invulnerable,
once more into the fray.

Consuming all the earth, destruction spreading thick.
Beneath your feet is everything
that you call your fucking home.
Consequence will reap those who let it turn to shit.
Beneath your feet is everything
that you call your fucking home.

It starts with change within ourselves
to do what’s fucking right.
No more excuses so you think it’s all justified in your mind.
We’re all accountable for actions that we choose to take.
No stone unturned and rouse the sleeping dead
left in your wake.


from Altar of Perception, released October 10, 2014



all rights reserved



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