Predator Becomes Prey

from by Aegeus

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Blood fills your mouth before pouring out.
Nothing saves you now. Nothing to save.
A hollow shell of your former self.
Rotting all to hell, and hell follows.

Attempt to scream as you welcome death.
Your lungs are bare because you have no breath.
Misery is now your only request.
Do you still have no fucking regrets?

You sat upon your throne
Forsaking your own blood.
Trampling on the
backs of those that blindly worship.

Twisting the knife left in a festering wound.
No pity as they suffer your disease.

There is no escape from your betrayal.
Judging mercilessly behind the ones loyal to terror.

A scarlet showcase of your murderous intentions.
Staring in the eyes of slaves you left to die.

Predator becomes prey.
The executioner will be slain.
Justice in blood will be repaid
At the end of your wretched days.

Raise the ax
and let it fall.

The head is severed.
The body lies still.
Let us savor the kill!

The crown destroyed by the people’s will.
Let us savor…
Let us savor the kill!

Never-ending tyranny,
which impedes our liberties.
Can’t comprehend your autonomy,
If you’ve never been fucking free.


from Altar of Perception, released October 10, 2014



all rights reserved



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