Altar of Perception

from by Aegeus

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You have no right to tell me what to believe.
And I will exercise my freedom of speech.
I refuse to stand in silence before a self-righteous man,
who does not question his core.

Your gaze distracted leaving secrets to breed.
Narrow paths for livestock, living in a money machine.
Drained your mind, then left the carcass to bleed.
Never-ending cycles that we’re doomed to repeat.

“Become absorbed into the human collective,
you have no choice.
Your defiance is a waste of time.
So submit to the greater good.”

This system only caters to greed,
Throwing scraps to the weak and in need.
Seems that power’s the most meaningful thing,
And those who hold it are controlling the strings.

I’m so tired of ignorance.
So fucking sick of biting my tongue.
When we stand for nothing & nothing is done.

War is the catalyst of our extinction.
The nature of the beast that must be tamed.
To sacrifice upon the altar of perception,
We have so much to lose, but much more to gain.

Never stop,
you won’t find truth if you refuse to question everything.

Fucking stand your ground,
By no means should you compromise your steadfast character.

Pay no mind,
To all the goddamn fools who spout their empty fucking words.

All in time,
They will be left behind on a dead earth amongst the stars.


from Altar of Perception, released October 10, 2014



all rights reserved



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